Quote of the Week
  • "Sure. So do you remeber me?"
— Raymus
  • "Of cource I remeber you sir, you are..."
— Nearby Droid
  • "No D-3PO, you Di'kutla Droid, I wasn't speaking to you!"
— Raymus
  • "Well, I will have you know droids do not require pants therefore we cannot forget them, hmmmph."
— D-3PO storming away as best a droid can
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Did you know…
  • that Kit Fisto would be willing to help you gain your lightsaber abilities back, but is currently busy with something?
  • that in SW MUSH, players can roleplay on there ships in space?
  • the theme of Star Wars: Sagas heavily mirrors the events that unfold in the movies Episoded IV - VI?
  • that SW MUSH came online in September of 2007?
  • that Damon Aligeri is a twenty-three year old drifter from the colony world of Temen III?
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  • Due to confusion in SWGames we now have SWRoleplay articles and SWRPG articles and SWClans articles all mixed up, please excuse our appearence as we organize ourselves.
  • SWGames has just made a sister wiki, SWRolePlay (us), for Wiki based Role Playing games that people can play on this site! However information about Role Playing games will still be placed on SWGames and unofficial Role-play games information will still be put under this wikia.
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